Make your own cross over network cable at home


Learn to connect your personal computers without network switch or hub.
very simple with few steps.
Materials needed

1. Twisted pair Cat 5e network cable (UTP or STD), length of the cable depend on you.

2. Two pieces of RJ-45 connectors

3. Crimper


Step 1: Prepare the cable, remove about 2" of the PVC cover from each end of the cable like shown in the figure 1.

(Figure 1)

then line up the twisted cables in the following order, one end must be like in the figure 2 and the other end must be like figure 3.

(Figure 2)                                                                                                                               (Figure 3)

Step 2: Insert connector. before inserting the wires into the cap leave only about 1" inch of the wires outside the cover like in the figure below.

Insert the end of the cable in to the connector as like in the below figure, and tight well using the crimper.

do the same to the other end but don't forget to change the order of colors of wire  shown above in figure 2, and figure 3.

After crimping both ends it will be like this.

Now the cable is ready for the connection...!!