Make an effective Live Trap at Home

1.jpgBy ADJ

Hi doers, building a trap is not much hard, we can build traps with very less materials which we can get around us. this is a simple and effective method i used to transport stray cats. "This is a Force to Force deal"
Things you will need
1. Metal net or woods.
2. pieces of hard wire.

However make a rectangular shape cage with one side open to fix a door. Height x width x length of the cage is up-to you, estimate a relevant ratio according to the targeted animal.
For Asian Cats i used height= 8 inch, width= 8 inch and length= 15 inch.
It cost $0 for me because i used the materials which i could get from home around. but if you need to do a fresh one may be it will cost about $10.

Do It Yourself..!!!