Replica Cannon Models

Simple and easy ways.. make one like this..
100% homemade.. learn how...!!

Things needed
1. 6" (inch) iron or steel pipe
2. 10" X 20" timber piece of any kind (Thickness 1")
3. 16 6" nails
4. 1 bicycle tyre hub with the nuts and bolts
5.10" long uniform wood block for centre (Thickness 1", width 2" prefered)
6. 1" X 1" wood block of 7" length
7. 2 springs
8. Hand drill
9. Fire crackers
*** You need the help of a welder if you don't have welding equipment

Iron/Steel pipe
tyre hub

Fire Crackers

Step 1Gun piece
Close one side of the iron/steel pipe with iron/steel thick metal sheet by welding, leave a small hole fore fire purpose in the closed side. the hole can be in the top of the pipe also near to closed side with a diameter of 5 to 10 mm (millimeter).
*** you can weld two bolt in both sides of the pipe for mounting and dismounting with the body and for our safety.

Warning: *do not use wooden or thin sheets of metal if you want to use this cannon for fun fireworks.
*do not use illegal gun powders or blast materials.
*do not test in public places.

Step 2- Tyres
cut the timber piece to two similar pieces with a 9" radius from center to inner circular surface which means you have to leave 1" width so it will look like a ring. then cut the bicycle tyre hub into two similar pieces to attach with nail (do the same for the axle bolt) and timber ring to complete the cannon tyres. Next drill 8 holes in the timber ring in star shape to insert the nails in star shape finally weld the nails with the cut tyre hub.
*** insert the nails from inside out in the timber ring or cut the rest piece of nail from the head with the perfect match with the hub in the center.

Step 3- Body part
First of all put holes in both sides of the 1" X 1" wood block to insert the cut axle bolt. Drill the wood block according to the size of bolt otherwise you have to use adhesive to make it tight.
Next you have to arrange all the timber parts like a 'T' shown in the below pictures, i have designed two types of body.

Method of Loading: Insert fire cracker inside the gun and light the end through the hole on the top.

Note:-Methodology of making this cannon is very simple it can be tested using firecrackers it works exactly as a real cannon. Enjoy weekend...!!

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